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The Haven, 2020

ink, walnut oil, watercolours, charcoal, pastel, salt and pen on Fabriano paper

90 cm x 68 cm



Using a traditional French concept of tonal "underpainting", known as grisailles, Emma has encapsulated the enigmatic beauty of the local Banyan fig. Using mixed media in her works formed a foundational basis to create ethereal, whimsical tones of nostalgia, light and shadow.

The Haven

  • Emma's painting practise explores the psychology of the feminine paradigm; the impact of social media and its imagery on the female self-esteem and the changing identity of what it means to be a woman.

    Emma's larger practise explores painting, drawing and sculpture with an agenda of connecting and expressing emphatically to stories of the human condition, be it rhough portraiture objects or in connection with the landscape, using subtle symbology and story telling to express her point of view.

  • For more information about this work or to purchase please email or phone (07) 49210241

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