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Pink Gum, 2020

oil on board

Framed: 43 cm x 34 cm



Ingrid's bright and lively practise explores the beauty of our natural world and native flora. Her use of colours that 'pop' out of the frame, sensitively encapsulates the way our native flora is art and life in itself.

Pink Gum

  • Ingrid Bartkowiak is an emerging artist and illustrator based in Brisbane, Australia. Her practise revolves around her fascination with nature and its intricacies. Ingrid completed her Bachelor of Fine Art in 2019 at the Queensland College of Art.

    Engaging with native flora and fauna, her illustrations are whimsical and encourage an appreciation for Australian nature. Ingrid also has an interest in the effects of colonialism has had on the Australian landscape, especially with introduced species and endangered native species of plants. 

  • For more information about this work or to purchase please email or phone (07) 49210241

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