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Solo show still a major success for Bindi, amidst covid closures

GALA Gallery is back after covid restrictions were lifted this week to finally open the highly anticipated solo show from Indigenous artist, Belynda (Bindi) Waugh. 

Entitled ‘NUGU GUWAN’ (translated from traditional Bundjalung language meaning ‘Black Rain’) her works centre around the recent devastation of fires that ravaged the country at the beginning of the year, and addresses the dialogue around this occurrence.

“I really wanted to create something thought-provoking,” Bindi says, “It’s an attempt to introduce a different way of looking at things.”

“The imagery that might initially look like figures are actually representative of shadows,” Bindi explains of her work. “We all cast a shadow - we’re all in this together.” 

With lockdown restrictions easing, the opening show (initially set to open in April) will excitingly now show on Saturday, June 13 with three back-to-back, covid-friendly events. The first has shaped up to be a sellout show and the rest are filling fast. 

“It’s very exciting to see people supporting artists, especially during this time,” remarks Tracey Siddins, Gallery Director.

“We have already pre-sold a number of works from Bindi’s show and we haven’t even opened yet - it’s  just remarkable. 

“But it goes to show that even in the darkest of times, art is an important form of healing and recovery, and provides solace and therapy during times of stress, whether you are making it or consuming it,” Tracey says.

Due to the popularity of the show, another two works have been added to the catalogue to meet demand. 

For more information and to secure a ticket to the opening or to book a private viewing, head to


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