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GALA Gallery 2020 Percival Portrait Finalists – Julie Poulsen & Karen Stephens 

Congratulations to both Julie Poulsen and Karen Stephens, who are both finalists in the 2020 Percival Portrait Painting Prize.

The Percival Portrait Prize is one of Queensland’s most prestigious art competitions, showcasing exquisite work by Australian artists. The art prize has evolved since starting in 2007, now with a Biennial Acquisitive Award worth $40,000. The exhibition will be held at the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery from Friday 22 May to Sunday 19 July 2020.

Julie Poulsen

Michael Marzik The Austrian Photographer

137cm x 182cm

acrylic on canvas

Julie Poulsen is a finalist with her work ‘Michael Marzik The Austrian Photographer'. Michael Marzik is an Austrian freelance photographer, now based in Cairns, Australia. It is not only the quietly composed and collected personality that Julie chose to portray in The Austrian Photographer, but the reflective observant mind.

Karen Stephens

Image 1 – Self Portrait – Bushranger

90cm x 120cm

acrylic on Belgian linen

Image 2 – A Highway of Eyes

90cm x 120cm

acrylic on Belgian linen

Image 3 – Bushranger with Old Mailbox in the Background

64cm x 82cm

acrylic on Belgian linen

Karen Stephens has been shortlisted for three of her artworks including ‘Self Portrait – Bushranger’, ‘A Highway of Eyes’ and ‘Bushranger with Old Mailbox in the Background’. Karen’s self-portraits pay homage to Sidney Nolan’s iconic ‘Ned Kelly’ series (1946-1947).

Of her paintings, Karen states:

“As bushranger, in my usual attire of black moving quietly across the desert floor with my mobile phone and near grazing horses, I avoid the capture of the gaze and am able to disrupt legend with gender. I’m completely free from the gaze in this state, no helmet is required. I’m invisible to passers-by”.

If you would like to read more about the exhibition, please click here.

To view previous works now held in the Gala Gallery Stockroom available for purchase from these two artists please click here.


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