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Discovering Your Taste In Art

In the words of Versace, “be yourself, don’t be into trends”. Whether you like the introspective, speculative pieces, or more garishly bold abstract works, there’s an entire world of art out there waiting for you to choose it.

Different artworks can speak to different facets of us, and it can be hard to know what speaks to us the most, or what voice we enjoy hearing the most.

So indulge yourself, spend time immersing yourself in art at galleries and fairs, and get to know yourself that little bit more - about what speaks to you, what draws itself to you. Is it a colour palette, a message, or a certain style that grabs your attention the most?

You might want something that challenges you intellectually, or a piece for decorative purposes, or something that inspires.

Like good food and fine wine, you’ll know what you prefer.

One of the beautiful things about art is its ability to express what we can’t say in words, and tells a story about a certain part of us.

A look into celebrity collections can give us a glimpse of the same:

Leonardo DiCaprio’s collection features work by Eric White, a contemporary hyperrealist painter who portrays figures and popular culture against surreal backgrounds. This particular piece shares a similar colour palette to that of Jasmine Crisp, a GALA Gallery featured artist. The bright palette and evident brush strokes draw a parallel comparison. Check out Jasmine’s biography and works here.

Versace’s branding aesthetic seemed to be influenced by his love for art, particularly with his 18th century ‘Wounded Warrior and The Procession’ by the French School painters, hailing from the Baroque and Neoclassical movements. Richard Janson, a featured artist of GALA Gallery, has a prominent Baroque influence in his work also. Read more about Richard and his work here.

Then we have Thomas Hart Benton’s ‘Back From the Fields’ atop Oprah’s mantlepiece - a work by an artist who inspired the Regionalist movement and who’s work features rural American life as an artistic commentary on social injustices of the working class. This particular style is also typical of Erin Dunne’s practice, another of GALA Gallery’s featured artists. Browse through her biography and recent works here

Art is not just a luxury, but a part of what builds our world around us.

Exploring art gives us that opportunity to connect, reflect and be inspired and challenged; to discover your artistic tastes is an outward journey that informs the inward. This also allows us to be open to change; don’t be surprised if you find you like something later on that you weren’t so sure about when you first started!

Remember too that taste is not only an aesthetic pursuit, but also to develop the taste for quality. That’s where it can come in handy to have a trusted source of knowledge to guide you through the process. Talk to GALA Gallery for a personalised walk-through the art on display and delve into the nitty gritty of all things art, and discover what makes you tick!


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