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Monique Morter

Drawing is Monique’s technique of choice with an emphasis on landscape through which the viewer is able to connect not only with the represented vista but also with the artist.

It is this junction Monique searches for in her work; beyond a description of the visible world, her drawings are a connection to memory and personal experience.


Since completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in drawing at RMIT, Monique has exhibited extensively in solo and group exhibitions in Melbourne and Yogjakarta, Indonesia. Monique has completed artist in residency programs in Indonesia and the United States, on three occasions. Monique has been awarded the ROI Art prize, the Brunswick Street Gallery Works on Paper Prize and has been a finalist in the A.M.E Bale Prize for Drawing, the Toyota Spirit Art Prize and the Cambridge Studio Gallery Portrait Prize. Monique live and works in Melbourne.

Monique Morter.png

Selected Works

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