Erin Dunne

Erin Dunne is an artist and arts educator currently based in Rockhampton, Central

Queensland. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Queensland College of

Art in 2012.


Experimenting with the language and processes of drawing through both traditional

and contemporary approaches forms the foundation of Dunne’s practice. She is

attracted to drawing’s immediacy, flexibility and versatility, seeking to exploit its

capacity for representing the narrative, poetic and gestural, and the resultant

tension created when these intersect on paper.


Conceptually, Dunne’s work investigates the personal significance and poetic

resonances of place through an autobiographical lens. Through her work, she aims to

capture and distil a sense of what it means to live and work in regional Central

Queensland from her perspective, rendered in a poetic way that balances technical

and conceptual considerations and that ultimately resonates with audiences both

familiar and unfamiliar with the area.


Recent achievements include winning the 2019 Bayton Award for Central

Queensland artists and the 2018 Queensland Regional Art Awards. In 2018 Dunne

was invited to hold her first major solo exhibition at Rockhampton Art Gallery. As

part of the Bayton Award prize she is currently preparing for a residency in

Zhenjiang, China to be followed by a solo exhibition at Rockhampton Art Gallery in


Selected Works


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