About Botanics.

With the recent devastation that has been and still continues to ravage significant areas of our country, the way we interact with our world is changing. These works are a vessel of inspiration, compelling us to admire, take care, and inject our own beauty into the world in which we live, and the spaces which we inhabit.


‘Botanics’, will bring together a group of  Australian contemporary artists to showcase their various perspectives and representations of nature, landscape and the world around us. The beauty of nature is the simple yet intricate way of seeing our environment and the universe. It’s an immense and endless admiration of splendour.


Attend the opening.

Due to the popularity of our last opening we are hosting two opening events for Botanics to ensure there is ample capacity. These events will be Le Goûter (French afternoon tea - yes, there will still be Champagne) in style on 29 February and 7 March. These are invitation only events and numbers will be limited, so RSVP is essential. If you would like to be on the invitation list to attend one of these events please complete the below signup form. Alternatively feel free to call or email us direct to organise a private viewing. 

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